Track New Book is a free new book tracking and notification service where you can track new book by author, seed book, 400+ subjects, or keywords of your choice. You can also fine tune your new book tracking by language, format (i.e. only Kindle book), and how often notification is delivered. It currently supports book in English and following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada. new book tracking, new book newsletter, new book notification, new book tracking, new kindle book, new ebook, book from

About Us

Burke Mountain Studio was founded by entrepreneurs who are dedicated to bringing more intelligence to the Internet and freeing people from information overload. We felt that many of the dilemma depicted in The Shallow, by Nicolas Carr, are very true for people living in the Internet times. We hope our efforts could help.


We have been constantly improving our offerings, and many new features come from feedbacks by user like you. We're eager to hear from you, so please drop us a note.

Our Works

We love reading and love books, so at this moment we focus on bring carefree and intelligent service to book lovers.

Book Discovery - helps you find books that are related to web site you visit. It is powered by proprietary natural language processing and semantic analysis algorithm.

Track New Book - is a new book tracking and notification service. Tracking can be defined by author, subject, or any keyword of your choice. As of April 2013, we added tracking of the New York Times Best Sellers per requests from many users.

For Media

Screenshots: Homepage, Tracking by subject, Tracking by keyword

Youtube: Video demo

Why are we doing these (what's the catch)?

We're doing these services because we are book lovers. We read lot of books and constantly look for the next book to read. We tried to find similar service, but there was no service has the flexibility and intelligence we wanted. Therefore, we decided to build these services by ourselves and released them for the good of all book lovers.

The development and operation costs of these services are partially recovered by a small commission via Amazon Affiliate Program, when you buy book through our links. The book price you pay would be the same regardless of whether you used these sevices or not.

What people say about us?

Book Discovery: Discover Books While Browsing Websites from

"...The web is full of information on each and every topic, but sometimes you really feel like reading more about that through a book. Book Discovery is a tool that suggests books related to the website you are currently browsing. The tool is available as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer ..."

Fergyville from

"... I'm loving the track new book service. Definitely will post it to my wall. Does it only pull from Amazon, or does it search the cloud for books? I was happy to see that I could find my book (it's only been out a week or so), plus I know A LOT of authors who would love to tell their readers how to track them... Two thumbs up! ..."

Long Reads, Get Email Alerts About New Books You'll Love from

"We already have way too many things to keep track of, like “How do I work this?” and “Where is that large automobile?” And while we love to read, it’s hard to keep track of all the new books that come out, and even harder to sort through and find the ones we want. We let Track New Book keep track of new books we’d like to read so we don’t have to. Just tell the site what authors, subjects, or keywords interest you, and whenever a new book is released that meets your criteria you’ll receive an ..."

Post to Facebook Wall from Fred (April, 2013)

"...I've been using your service for a couple of weeks and I really like it. It has discovered three new books in my subject area that I didn't know about before and I hope to learn of even more new titles in the future. Thank you so much for doing this!"